Our popular annual silent auction is back!


Since 1953, Gonzales Cooperative Preschool has provided a safe, happy, and enriching environment for young children in our community.

Our preschool staff and volunteers worked very hard to maintain a welcoming environment and giving our children a safe place to play, learn, and thrive. And we need your help to continue!

Fundraisers like this one allow us to keep tuition costs low and affordable. Funds raised also help us host monthly parent education speakers and enrichment programming for our preschool community.

With the generous support of so many local businesses, we're pleased to present this year's silent auction! Bid on your next gift, getaway, service, or treasure, and know that the kids and families of Gonzales Cooperative Preschool thank you for your support!

Support local. Invest in education. Build community.

At Gonzales Preschool, we're more than just a school; we're a community where parents and teachers collaborate to enrich children's education. It's a place where your child's curiosity blooms through play and outdoor activities. When you donate, you're not just giving funds; you're nurturing a legacy of joyful learning and fostering a close-knit environment that treasures every child’s natural desire to explore.

Join us in continuing this beautiful journey of discovery and help lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.